I have over 15 years of multi-disciplinary experience in the media and not-for-profit. Since the onset of the Arab Uprising, I have been engaged in the field (in Lebanon and Syria) in investigating and covering featured stories primarily related to the affected population, with a particular focus on refugees and Islamist groups in several MENA countries. I covered July 2006 war in Lebanon, May 2008 civil clashes in Beirut, and significant political events in Lebanon.

I hold a master’s degree in International Public Policy (MIPP) -Middle East concentration- from the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS). As a reporter and editor, I worked for some prominent Lebanese and Arab media organizations (Alhurra, Alaraby Aljadeed, Aljazeera, Al-Akhbar, etc.). I am a Media & Policy Advisor and a lead trainer on media, countering terrorism, and engaging youth.

I am the MENA Media Advisor at the International Republican Institute (based in Washington, D.C.). I design, manage, advise, and/or project management focusing on media monitoring, countering information manipulation, media literacy, communication, and journalism projects. I help create the division’s strategic media vision, build and maintain relationships with media partners, proposal and report writing, analyze lessons learned and best practices, and advocate strategies.

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